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Online References

The following is a list of online references. These are statements made about me that reflect the type of person I am as well as my work ethic and style. If you have any questions about them email me.

Evan Scott
This first reference is from my former roommate and very good friend Evan Scott. Evan is one of the most ambitious and hardest working individuals I know. He is also not to mention one of the most loyal, and honest. He is currently employed by Lockheed Martin, and has already been recognized for his work by his superiors all the way up to Vance Coffman CEO of Lockheed Martin.

The second reference is from a recently developed site which chronicles CITI's "United Way Outcome Based Reporting Project." CITI (Community Information Technology institute) is a not-for-profit organization located in Syracuse. This organization was set up to assist Central New York's not-for-profits organizations and schools with the ability to compete in today's IT world. CITI projects involve organizations like Cigna Insurance, and the United Way. While their projects help deliver affordable Telemedicine, and providing the power of ADSL to Syracuse Area not-for-profits. This reference is on a newly developed site designed to bring in new consultants and volunteers to the "United Way Outcome Based Reporting Project," It briefly mentions what my role was in that project.