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          Currently I am a trainee in Axa-Financial's Technology Training Program. The program started in mid-July and revolves around three, six-month rotations. Each rotation is approximately one month of training and five months of in depth work experience in a group. This obviously is my first cycle. I have been doing PeopleSoft implementation and development, for the Payables section of the Financials module. In this cycle I have been given the opportunity to work with Security Administrator, Developed Projects (from fields to Menu items), as well as worked with SQRs, and Crystal Reports. Currently I'm working on connecting Lotus Notes to DB2 (the database that PeopleSoft runs over), and a new solution to the current password system (I know vague). This past week we rolled out PeopleSoft to most users, and they are up and running. By weeks end we should have the rest of the nation up and running. Over all this has thus far been a rewarding experience due to the fact I'm allowed to make decisions and delegate work.
      While I'm not at work I'm either trying to get my new apartment ready or out exploring New York with friends. My apartment is this great three bedroom in Queens, rent is cheap, and it is well decorated (what do you expect I brought most of the furniture and artwork). Personally I would like to get a place on Riverside Drive. I like my roommates, but now that I'm out in the real world and have had roommates since I was 9 (See the About Me section), I would like to try and live on my own in a beautiful neighborhood, and bring up some of the nicer things I've collected over the years. Before I make that move I want to first get a feel for the city and save up some money.
      Back in college I was a rower, (See the picture below of me in Syracuse's first 8, and the one of my winning boat at the Reading Towne Regatta in Reading, UK.) Now a days I row on rowing machines, but plan on getting back into a boat soon. I am a cook and cook everything from Curry's to Cajun, as well as make up some interesting recipes. My specialties are Broiled Chicken Parmesan (low fat too) Eggplant Curry, and Wings (I have four Wing recipes).