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This is Scott Christian ;')
You were warned this document is huge, but I've I had a great life.
So Cheers and Enjoy!

If you have any questions email me.

   As you might already know I work for Axa-Financial (who are they?). You might not know on May 15th I graduated from Syracuse University. This is my first crack at the "real world" in most people's eyes. As you will read on I have a lot of work experiences, and fairly cool experiences in general.

The Profile
I am a little over 6'1" tall and both damn good looking and self-confident. I personally love to talk, and "gab." That is why I put the opinions page on my site, please feel free to respond to any of them. This gift of "gab" is also probably why I know a lot of people. I am very friendly, and easygoing, which I can attribute to my up bringing and genetics. So please read on.
   So how did this all start? I got here a little over 23 years ago on September 12th 1976 (Virgos Rule.) I lived Middlebury CT until I was about 2. After this stint my life began.
   In November of '78 my parents moved my brother and I to Liberia, a small country in western Africa. My dad was a Controller for Uniroyal Tires and my mom went from Chemistry teacher to excellent housewife and a great golfer (Liberian National Champion! Remember those genes I mentioned earlier). My brother went away to a missionary school and I grew up in paradise. Living over seas my family was fortunate enough to be given the time and location to do some world traveling thus I have seen most Europe and explored four continents. I have been near the top of Mont Blanc, and seen the ruins of Pompey. As a child I could amuse myself for hours just playing and exploring. I am very inquisitive (which is probably the reason I was bitten by a Night Adder (picture coming soon)). Living over there was great. We lived on a Uniroyal's rubber plantation called LAC (the Liberian Agricultural Company), and had a Palava Hut on the beach, which was another place I spent a lot of time. When I was five my parents decided that I should be home taught. This lasted until third grade when my parents decided that I should be around other children my own age. My parents asked some friends of ours if I could live with them in Monrovia (Liberia's Capitol City)so that I could attend the American School.
That year was my first time away from home for an extended period of time. Many people say this was a terrible thing to do to a child. I disagree it made me realize at an early age what responsibility really meant. That and I was such curious child it probably was time anyway for me to leave.
Coming to America
   This started the next chapter in my life. The American School was 250 miles from home, but surprisingly I took living away from home very well for a nine year old (for twenty-two year old even). This worked out so well that the next year I was living over 5000 miles away from my family in Washington CT. In fourth grade I began boarding at the Rumsey Hall School. This proved to be a challenge at first, because I was so different and bewildered, and not to mention curious. Living in America was not what I expected. After my first year I was frustrated to say the least, but I wanted to stay in the states, I had begun to like America.
   I eventually found my grove, and began to excel in many things. Since my mom had been a chemistry teacher before she was a housewife, and my dad was an accountant. Naturally I did very well in math, science, and for some strange reason history, Latin, and public speaking. Seven years after I had first left home I had graduated from Rumsey. While I was their I received the Bed Pan award for most original myth, was chosen to address the student body and give a presentation 5 out of my six years there in competition, won the JH Murch prize for perseverance and hard work, and was second in my class of 61. I also picked up rowing and wrestling. I still row today.
High School
   After Rumsey I was accepted to the Brooks School in North Andover Massachusetts. A beautiful School with a great rowing and Classics program (something else I had picked up at Rumsey). The only thing was my parents were moving back to Connecticut, and no where near North Andover. Though Brooks was a nice school, after eight years of living on my own (with the exceptions of vacations) I had a yearning to go home (try something new). I wanted to go to the local public school, but my parents wanted me to continue with a private education. Something I did not understand at the time. So I went to the Kent School, in the neighboring town of Kent as a day student.
   Being a day student only lasted a year. I had become too independent in my time away from home to live at home. I finished up at Kent and was recruited to come to Syracuse University to row. I was going to be a Classics major. At Syracuse my curious nature exploded, I broke even more out of a shell that I did not know existed, I was used to small closed environments, and here was a very open place. I openly admit I changed a lot. I was a Classics minor, but I found that computers were my thing. The reason I had gotten into the Classics in the first place was because it seemed like there was this vast array of texts and puzzles for me to decipher. This is what computers offered me, and still do. Every time I learn something new, there are so many sublevels to it for me to play with, but once I learn them I seem to truly know and understand them.
To sum it all up
    I spent a lot of time trying to figure out who I was and I figured out I am me; Scott David Christian (though a lot of people also call me Daddy (that's in the What I do section)) I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Syracuse, and I will miss this place. I must say it was time.