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My Collegiate Career

Now that I am out in the "real world," I look back on my education from the time I was home taught through my 10 years of boarding school, and now through college. I realize that my education is vital to my success. Below is in a sense my college transcript. In the future I will give comments on each class discussing some points I learned in each one. If you have any questions email me. From freshman year of college untill now here is goes
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Freshman Year
Sophomore Year
Junior Year
Senior Year

Fall 1995 Freshman Year




GRE 101 Ancient Greek I
MAT 295 Calculus I
WRT 105 Writing Studio
EDP 100 Issues of College Age Adults

Spring 1996 Freshman Year

GRE 102 Ancient Greek II
IST 255 Intro to Info Technologies
LIN 201 Nature & Study of Language
NFM 225 Nutrition and Health

Fall 1996 Sophomore Year

Number Name Comments
ETS 141 Reading & Interpretation
Gre 201 Second Year Greek
IST 215 Data Collection: Analysis & Management
PHI 197 Human Nature
PSC 125 Introduction to Political Theory

Spring 1997 Sophomore Year

GRE 300 Greek Prose Authors
IST 215 Data Collection: Analysis & Management
IST 335 Introduction to Information Based Organizations
IST 346 Applications of Information Systems
WRT 205 Writing Studio 2

Fall 1997 Junior Year

Number Name Comments
CFS 270 Peer Educators
GOL 101 Intro to Geology
GRE 490 Independent Study
IST 333 Telecommunication Carriers
IST 454 Office Systems
SPC 325 Presentational Speaking/ Business, Industry, Government

Spring 1998 Junior Year

GOL 102 Historical Geology
GRE 490 Independent Study
IST 325 Information Management Consulting
IST 440 Web Design
WRT 305 Writing Studio 3
IST 471 Internship in Information Studies
CIS 300 JAVA and the Internet

Fall 1998 Senior Year

Number Name Comments
ANT 455 Culture and AIDS
GEO 356 Environmental Ideas/ Policy
IST 155 Intro to Information Studies
IST 352 Information Analysis of Organizational Systems
PHI 171 Critical Thinking

Spring 1999 Senior Year

CIS 196 Introduction to Computer Programming: C
CIS 333 Unix Operating System and the Internet
IST 466 Professional Issues: Information/ Management/ Technology
IST 490 Independent Study
CIS 300 JAVA and the Internet