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For The Batrachomyomachia

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No one knows what damage he might have achieved on account of his great strength. Had it not been for the father of the Men, and Gods, the son of Cronus, Zues who pitied the frogs in their time of destruction. Zues turned his head to say with his awesome voice
"Oh friends what is this great wonder I see with my eyes. This robber is changing the battle for the frogs, quickly send Apollo, or even the war like Ares. Who will restrain this mouse from the battle he is to strong."
As Zues said this, Ares responded saying;
"Neither the strength of Athena, Ares, and Zues together are strong enough to aid the frogs, but come let us all go help them, or throw your weapon. For nothing else will compare to the very best weapon. As the time you defeated the mighty Kapanea, the great Egkeladanta, and the wild tribe of Titans."
As Ares said this, Zues threw a bright thunder bolt from Olympus, first it had a loud thunder and then a great shake. The throw struck fear in all the warriors both frog and mouse. The bolt unfortunately did not stop the army of mice, Instead it destroyed the hopes of the frog's race of warriors.
Because of this Zues pitied the frogs. Since he was the only one of the Gods that pitied the frogs. Zues himself sent aid to the frogs.
Then all of a sudden the help came. They had mailed backs; hooked jaws; moved sideways; They were nipper mouthed; hard shelled of a bony nature; broad backed; with bright shoulders; bandy legs; eyes growing from their chest to look around; They had eight legs, two heads and had no hands. They are called crabs. The Crabs immediately attacked the mice by cutting off their tails and paws with their mouths. The Mice's spears were useless they just bent back when they hit the crabs. With this change of events the mice cowered up and could not remain. Realizing this they turned and fled.
The sun was already set and that was the end of the one-day war.