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For The Batrachomyomachia

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Before hearing this Puff-Cheek was smiling. He then responded to the mouse, by saying; "stranger, you talk to much about your stomach. Is your way so much better than mine here in the lake? Is living underground so wonderful? For does your life offer you a double life? The frogs by Zeus, can leap from the land, into the water, having one body to live in both elements. It is so easy to learn that even you can do it. I can do it in my sleep. Not to mention the control I have over my feet so that I never slip. Come you will be delighted when we arrive at my house."
At once the mouse hopped on his the frog's back and wrapped his hands around him daintily like a noose. Then Puff-Cheek went off lifting him up and in to the water. At first the mouse was happy, since he was in sight of land. As they ventured into the dark murky waters, and the waves swelled over him, the mouse began to cry out a lot of tears and useless repentance. He also pulled on Puff Cheeks hair and wrapped his feet around his waist, in his heart he felt an unaccustomed quiver, he was firmly grabbed by a chilling fear, and wished he was back on land. He even placed his tail into the water and dragged it along like a rudder. He was praying to the Gods that they might bring him to land. The dark water dashed over him, he called out for help proclaiming these words from his mouth,
"This is not at all like the way the Passionate Bull who carried Europa waded through waves to get to Crete, as you are carrying this mouse stretched out on your back to your home on your yellow body in this high white water.
  Then all of a sudden a water snake appeared. Which was bitter sight to both of them. The snake held his neck upright above the water. Seeing this Puff-Cheek instinctively dove into the water, not remembering what sort of companion he was about to leave behind for dead. He dove into the depths of the lake avoiding his own black death. The mouse was thrown off, he often sank underwater and came up again flailing. As his fur beared it's full weight upon him, It was impossible for him to escape death. Dying in the water he said these words;
" Puff-Cheek, You deceitfully did not notice this thing you did to me. You cast me away from you body like a rock." You are not better than me back on land. You are the worst in athletics, both in wrestling, and in foot racing, but instead you dispersed me into the water where you knew I had no chance. The Gods will have there justice. Saying this he gave up in the water.
Leichompinax (a mouse) looked down softly from the rising banks. He then howled in a certain way, that sent a message to the mice so they could learn of Crumb Filcher's fate.
Lines 103 to 159