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The story you are about to read has been attributed to the Roman author Lucian. Lucian though he was a Roman (Born 120 AD) wrote in Greek. He is known for his satires of the Gods in order to show the weaknesses of mankind, but he is best known for his Dialogues in where both gods and humans show their weaknesses through their own words.
This story, "The Batrachomyomachia" or "The Battle of Mice and Frogs" is Lucian's parody of Homeric style. This story is very playful and shows many of mankind's downfalls through the personification of these two species of animals. Lucian uses these small animals to show us our pettiness. He illustrates the insignificance of the reasons for war, as well as war itself. He pokes fun at Homer's name dropping writing style as well as shows how silly it is. His cynicism can be compared with Swift and Voltare for the sheer beauty of it.
Located on this site are three different views of the story. I did this because I believe that when reading a text it can only truly be enjoyed in its intended language.
A prime example of this theory is Sophocles "Oedipus Tyranus." Reading this text in a translated language makes it just another story, in fact a fairly uninteresting one, but in its original Greek the story is a masterpiece of literature. Sophocles uses his language to illustrate the main character's fate as if his own words were what was condemning him. This story is like all Greek texts, the only full enjoyment one may receive is by translating it. This is why I have included first a Modern English Version which tells the story, and is easy for one to understand Lucian's meaning. I also have an Italic version which has Italics over a the words I have added or changed. This is to be used as a reference for purists and translators needing help. Finally I have included my Notes, they are for any translator of the text who needs help.

Modern English Version
Italic Version
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