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For The Batrachomyomachia

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When the Heralds called this tragedy out from the walls of the palace. The mice then came in from the fields to the house of Bread-Gnawer, the unhappy father of Crumb-Filcher, whose dead body was floating on his back in the lake. The poor wretch was no longer near the banks, instead he had floated into the middle of the lake. The mice came hastily, and all of them had arrived by daybreak. Bread-Gnawer stood up angered by the death his son, and gave this speech;
"Oh beloved Mice, I have suffered much despair at the hands of the frogs. They have attempted a wrong on all of us. I myself am even more upset since now I have lost three sons. The first one was killed by a thief. It was one of those hostile weasels. He was stolen from outside our mouse hole. The other was picked up by many harsh men, being foolish the young child discovered a wooden baited trap . The third was dearest to me and cherished by his mother. Puff-Cheek drowned him and left him floating in that lake. Let us now get ready for we will go upon them, sort their bodies and make them work the harness."
After saying these unkind things the mice began to equip themselves. Ares the one who cares for war helped equip them.
First they equipped themselves with greaves on both thighs by breaking up bean pods by the lot. Fashioning them well, they gnawed on them through the night. Then they made breast plates fashioned from fine flax. They then skillfully made spear-headed javelins, for the beautiful work of Ares, and their helmet was a chick-pea shell to cover their temples.
Then the mice were ready in arms for battle.
As the frogs became aware of this, they rose up from the water and came together from around the land as one in a council of war. They themselves were standing shouting, wondering why the mice were preparing for war with them.
Then an ambassador came with a pledge, and bearing a staff in his paws. The messenger was Pot-Visitor the son of the great hearted Cheese-Scooper. He was the one who brought the news of the evil war to the frogs, and told them this;
"Oh frogs this is a warning to you from the mice, for you to prepare for both war and fighting. For we saw Crumb-Filcher slain, by your king Puff-Cheek."
As he announced his speech and his words sunk into their ears, the hearts of the lordly frogs were disturbed. Then the one being blamed, Puff-Cheek rose up and said;
" Oh friends, I myself did not kill the mouse, nor did I see him die. He was swimming and playing by the lake imitating the ways of frogs. I myself am not to blame for this wicked deed.
Come now Council because of this we must utterly seek and destroy these crafty mice. For I have a tactic which I believe to be the best at beating these mice. Let us arrange our bodies in arms and stand in front of the highest ridge. Where it is steep and rugged .
When they declare that they will rush us, we will let them charge. As they come nearer, we will grab them by their helmets and throw them down the ridge and into the lake.
We will win the war by drowning them in the water since they are not able to swim."
Lines 160 to 209