WEBSITES for Wall Street Investment Information

Data from the Market
Holt Report
The Holt Report provides a convenient end-of-the-day Wall Street report. The report includes high, low, close and percentage change for most major indices and foreign markets.
Lombard Institutional Brokerage
Lombard is a San Francisco discount brokerage firm. This site provides instant quotes on more than 7000 stocks, 4900 mutual funds, and 61000 options as well as all the major market indices. Graphs are available for a price history of an investment.
NETworth combines a mutual fund database search with on-line (15 minute delayed) stock quotes. You must register your user-id in order to retreive data. However, the registration is free of charge.
On-line Publications
Global Network Navigator
Until recently this site was maintained by O'Reilly & Associates but has now been purchased by America On-line. This site runs special series of articles such as a recent one on investment strategies. It also contains hyperlinks to other sources of information about investing.
A website maintained by MONEY magazine, features stock, fund, and index quotes as well as background reports on the nation's 500 largest companies.
Wall Street Journal Money & Investing Update
Linking to this site after midnight will allow you to read the front page of the next day's Journal. Also, late-breaking stories are published on the site throughout the day.